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DuraSafe playground tiles

DuraSafe playground tiles provide world’s safest playground flooring. A unique combination of materials combined with our unique hollow-core impact pedestal design will give a maximum reduction of  the impact force associated with a fall. The floor will be maintenance free and safe for many years and under all circumstances.

- 15 years warranty on fall attenuation and durability
- Sustainable and maintenance free
- The Kros-Lock system makes it vandalism proof 
- The DuraSafe Premium tile can also be delivered with a 100% TPV coating without any PAH’s
- We can execute your project  from the design till the final installation

DuraTrain fitness floor tiles

A premium fitness floor system engineered with our built in unique hollow-core impact pedestal design. Specifically designed for your traingsfacility to provide superior sound attenuation and shock absorption. The Kros-Lock locking system allows the tiles to be firmly locked in place. Guranteed the best fitness floor available on the market.

- Superior sound attenuation and shock absorption
- Sustainable and maintenance free
- Unique locking system for flexibility and very tight seam lines
- There will always be a tile with the right thickness and color to match your project.

DuraStrong paving tiles

The lightweighted DuraStrong tiles are designed and manufactured with built in pedestals, special for roofs, terraces and balconies.
The design and finish of the tiles will provide a sustainable and maintenance free surface.

- Strong, innovative and resilient utility surface that protects your roofing investment year after year in all weather conditions.
- The Kros-Lock connecting system creates a secure system without the chance of seam separation. 
- Available in Basic and Premium Series  for custom made design of colors.
- Provides thermic and mechanical protection to your roofing membrane.
- Creates a walway-path on your roof in no time.
- Maintenance free and with dranage in 4 directions.
- Warranty of 15 years.

DuraSound acoustic tiles

The physical qualities of DuraSound rubber acoustic tiles allow for extensive sound dampening and extended life with:

a. precisely engineered air pockets that capture noise and
b. a versatile construction that intercepts, absorbs and disperses vibration and sound energy. 

DuraSound rubber acoustic tiles are made with 100% recycled materials and are engineered to control vibrations, catch some air, reduce impact noise, and intercept the transmission of sound by up to 38 decibels (dB)!